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Therapy with Marta (& Belle)

Marta & Belle (the therapy dog, a cute Yorkshire Terrier) work with those who are struggling with a lack of purpose and meaning in their lives and with those who are feeling stuck and are ready to make changes. They are experienced working with adults and children.

Marta addresses issues of abuse (emotional and physical), addiction, codependency, anxiety, fears, bereavement, depression, phobias, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, sexuality and relationship difficulties and PTSD.
Marta has an integrative approach and uses EMDR.

Marta works with those that want to improve themselves and who would:
      - like to focus on a specific goal
      - understand and shift relationship patterns 
      - maximise their gifts and potential
      - learn how to address anger or other unconformable feelings
      - improve communication skills
      - learn how to set healthy boundaries in life
      - improve relationship skills
      - learn how to maintain a level of happiness, while 
        consistently being able to deal with what life throws at them

Marta works in: English and Portuguese (good understanding of Spanish)

+44 (0) 7737 156614

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