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Monthly Newsletter

April 2009

Dear All,

This month's topic: 'April Showers, Staying Clean.'

Last month's topic, 'March emotional cleaning: how to let go of old emotional patterns' focused on how to allow some space for change and growth. The next lecture will enable you to keep your day-to-day life clean from the 'clutter' of old emotional patterns, by providing room to experience a group past-life regression activity. I hope it will provide you with some tools to make changes of your own. April is about staying clean - April showers can help to wash the old patterns away.

Last month's session was a wonderful success, so I would delighted if you would join me for this month session. You are of course welcome to come and invite a friend who may have some interest in this subject. 

Date: Friday, TBC.

Time: 7 pm to 9pm.

Location: Holland Park (the address will be provided when booking)

RSVP - only limited seating is available, so please respond a.s.a.p. as seats will fill up quickly. In March I had to turn people away due to limited space, so act fast!

RSVP to or call 07737156614.

Cost: £20 per person

For the Parents:

Did you know...

That playing is extremely important for a child's development ?

Children need structure, and within that structure, playing and enjoying their time with someone they love is crucial.

Put it into practice...

Try spending some quality time with your child everyday, playing freely and enjoying it. Imagine you are also a child. Even if it is just for 15 minutes a day, it will have a huge impact. 

For the Adults:

Did you know...

That you are what you think and you attract what you think?

If you think positively towards yourself and towards others, you will attract the same feelings towards yourself.

Put it into practice...

When you leave to start your day give a mental compliment to everyone you see (just think it, even if you don't say it out loud).

Make an effort to see a positive thing in everyone, even if it is just the colour of a shirt!

Try to do it throughout the day, it's possible.

Then try it for a week...

See if you notice anything different on the way people relate to you.

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