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Children & Family Therapy 

Children are genuinely amazing and extremely sensitive to people and events in their life.

Children need guidance, support and love from their parents and environment. As children grow and develop, they have a huge capacity for learning new things.

This also makes them more vulnerable, as they are not emotionally equipped as an adult to deal with life's challenges. 

Each new phase of development brings new challenges, that could be sometimes overwhelming either for the child or the family. When working with children the parents have a very important role in the process.

Children express themselves and communicate in a different manner than adults. They act out, through their positive or negative behaviour, they communicate through play, games.

Therapeutic process

There is an initial interview with the parents to get a more complete picture of the child's and family life, to understand the issue in question and to plan a therapeutic strategy. The child/adolescent is seen regularly, once a week. Adolescents can have phone sessions. Sessions last 45 min for children and 60min for adolescents.

As continuity is key to a successful therapy, holiday allowance is 8 weeks per year.

Parents will be supported through the process too and equipped with tools to understand their child's communication patterns and needs and use that understanding to communicate in a positive and constructive way as a family. 

I will have regular meetings with the parents, to monitor the progress. 

If you have any questions or book an appointment feel free to contact me at:

+44 (0) 7737 156614

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