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Monthly Newsletter

July 2009 

Dear All,

Summer is here and July is the month of the year that brings joy into your life.

This month's group session I will be addressing Joy in your life and the importance of it's recognition.

Have you recently taken the time to stop and smell the roses? Are you acknowledging and enjoying their beauty and their fragrance?

On the same note, why aren't you stopping and saying ' I'm wonderful'?

Some of you might be thinking, «I do say that!» That is extremely positive.

Keep on doing it. Unfortunately you might be in the minority. Valuing ourselves is necessary to be to able value others around us!!

Most of the people tend to be too demanding and too critical on themselves, always wanting to be more and better, thinner, richer, more influential, and so on. Many people think that when they get those things that they wish for they will be happy. Likely they have momentarily happiness, but they need to search for another 'fix'.

I am not saying that development is not good. Actually quite the contrary. Wanting to achieve more in your life is actually very positive. It is good to focus on the targets you want to achieve and work towards them. But, it is important to allow yourself to enjoy the journey that gets you there!!

Remind yourself to enjoy the journey- to allow the joy in the journey of your life!

I will be be exploring this topic in this months group session. You will have an opportunity to experience a past life regression to help you understand why it is so difficult allow joy in your life. Maybe a memory trapped in time that needs to be acknowledged in order to let go. You'll get to be in touch with a part of you that knows how to experience Joy and with another part of you that for some reason is not allowing you to appreciate the joy in your life.

Date: Thursday, 23th July.

Time: 7 pm to 9pm.

Location: Holland Park (the address will be provided when booking)

RSVP - only limited seating is available, so please respond a.s.a.p. as seats will fill up quickly.

RSVP to or call 07737156614.

Cost: £20 per person

For the Parents:

Did you know ...

That Mozart's music has a calming effect on children and even adults?

It creates a state of mind that promotes learning, develops their creativity and imagination.


Introduce a wide variety of music into the lives of your baby/child or children .

Be aware of how they react. Some might induce relaxation or sleep, others might activate the body or create a state of happiness and well being.

Use music as a daily day tool to help your child with transitions and to fully enjoy life.

For the Adults

Did you know...

That music has the power to change how you feel?

Use the transformational power music recreate to promote well being and health. 


Find your Power song.

A Power song is a song or music that whenever you listen to it makes you feel good instantly!!

So use it to your advantage.If you are sad, worried or anxious just stop what your doing and play your power song (even if it is just mentally). After you can get back to what you are doing in a more positive frame of mind.

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