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Monthly Newsletter

June 2009

(apologies for the lack of a May newsletter!)

Dear All,

The sun has is out (most of the time!) and in June some may start to plan their summer Holidays.

To recharge their batteries, to get away from the confines of a daily routine, some might like to travel to a new place, while others may prefer to go back to a place of familiarity. Some might be dreaming about a beach, whilst others, the countryside. Where will you go, and how will you be learn the ability to switch off and relax?

This month group session will address...

How to take an emotional vacation!

Taking a break from yourself:

Do you sometimes feel that you need to get away from a certain part of you? The presence of a voice inside you that criticizes your every step, that tells you that you are not doing enough in your life. We all have our own inner voices - you will have the opportunity to explore and identify them through a regression exercise, discovering which part of yourself you need to have a break from.

Date: Friday, 26th June.

Time: 7 pm to 9pm.

Location: Holland Park (the address will be provided when booking)

RSVP - only limited seating is available, so please respond a.s.a.p. as seats will fill up quickly. Last month I had to turn people away due to limited space, so act fast!

RSVP to or call 07737156614.

Cost: £20 per person

For the Parents:

Did you know ...

That bed time is an important transitional time for Children.  


Try to create a routine where you read your child a bed time story before they go to sleep.

Stories help children understand and work out the world, their feelings and emotions in a enjoyable way!!

It gives them an opportunity to ask questions about what they don't understand, let you know what they like or dislike!!

For the Adults

For the Adults

Most people can more easily recall the things they have done wrong....than the ones they did right?!!

It's easier to be critical to yourself that to accept a complement....


Complement yourself on a daily day basis!!! Acknowledge every thing you have achieved on each day!!

You can even have a note book where you write it down (only positive things!)

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