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Monthly Newsletter

March 2009

Dear All,

The lecture series started last month with how to cope with the last stretch in the cycle of change within your life. How can you make it through that last mile before you reach your goal?

...whatever that is! It could be achieving something in your professional life, or personal life, maybe it is improving your relationships, or to have a better relationship with yourself and your body. Different people deal with their last stretch in different ways, everyone is obviously unique. In the last regression exercise we had, 5 in 6 people were able to tap into a past life experience that allowed them to look at how to deal with their last stretch from a new perspective.

"There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." - Aldous Huxley

For some it's important to stand up for themselves and what they believe,

for others it's about experiencing with joy the freedom of choice that life offers.

It could be also about reconnecting with what's important to you, and maybe about rethinking your priorities in life. It may be acknowledging that change is the only constant in our lives and that instead of resisting it, we should accept it, respect it and embrace the cycle it brings. This cycle of change could be of ideas, people, projects, relationships, anything... and that itself is the cycle of life. Also, for some to move through the last stretch it's important to question and think for themselves, for others it is about keeping an open mind to any new ideas. For some people it is important to remember that they have done it before and to work out whether they will be able to do it again.

Whatever is important to you, just remember to keep your goal in mind, imagine and feel yourself achieving it and work through the steps that will lead to what you want.

This month's lecture:

'March Emotional Cleaning' : How to let go of old patterns...

To create space for the new we need to clean/de-clutter the old away. The principle that applies to physical spaces also applies to the emotional space. In March, the sun is out reminding us that Spring is soon to come - it's time for growth. It is time to wake up from the winter's emotional hibernation and clean out some old emotional patterns to allow space for growth and change. This session will offer the opportunity to experience a group past-life regression exercise to tap into old patterns.

Date: 26th of March, Thursday.

Location: Holland Park, time 7 pm to 9pm.

You are welcome to come and invite a friend who may be interested in this subject.

RSVP - only limited seating available, so please register early as seats will fill up quickly. Contact me at or phone me: 07737156614.

The address will be provided when you book.

Cost: £20 per person.

For the Parents:

Did you know ...

that babies and children are very sensitive, they can easily pick up on the state of your mind. 

For the Adults

Did you know...

that life is to be lived and enjoyed in the Present?

The past is gone - let go of it.

The future is yet to come - so don't worry about what's not here yet.

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