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Dear All,

November is the month where I would like you to reflect about Giving.

What can you give of yourself?

Time, money, love, attention, professional skills.

How much can you give?

What are you giving?

What is the nature of your giving?

Too many questions, I know but I want to get you thinking!

How do you feel when you give?

Giving should be abundant rather than depleting .

What is your personal connection to giving.

Are you giving too much of yourself or too little?

What possible connections with your nature of giving could you have from previous life experiences?

Time for giving and receiving! With this in mind, I created a special season offer with a discount of £50, so you can treat yourself or others to an amazing memorable experience:

Past Life Regression session - £200 (instead of £250).

Come and explore a past life in a 2 hour session… or/and treat someone you love!

Wishing you a giving month!!

With love,


For the Parents:

Did you know ...

That children learn about giving through their experience with their parents and role models?


Teach your child how to give in an abundant way!

Start by giving them a complement every day!

Teach them about recycling, and letting go of clothes that don't fit any more or some toys/games that are not used any more (and that don't have strong emotional attachments), to other children that will use them and enjoy them!

You can also encourage them of giving presents: their valuable drawings or handicrafts to people they love.   

For the Adults

Did you know...

That you can start giving just by smiling at people?


Be on the lookout this month for that person or stranger that you can give just 5 seconds of your time!

Be creative. It could be from:

Holding the door or giving up your seat to that lady, elderly person, or parent with child

-or -

Helping a parent with a pram that is trying to go up or down the stairs.

You can make a difference!

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