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Sometimes life raises challenges that might feel overwhelming and difficult to resolve. You might feel stuck and unhappy, unaware of the holding patterns that you have been consistently creating. These patterns might be running your life even without you being aware (they are unconscious): by becoming conscious of them, you have the power to make the changes you want in your life.

With Marta's professional guidance and support within a safe therapeutic environment, you will be taken on a inner journey wherein you will explore, identify as well as let go of old patterns, old scripts, that are still impacting your relationships, your confidence and your self esteem.

Together we can tap in your inner strength and power, unleashing the potential within you. It's time to let fear go and live your life fully in the present, in the Now.

Give yourself permission to be happy


Marta works with adults, couples, children and adolescents*

Marta uses an integrative approach, CBT, EMDR* Animal Assisted Therapy*

+44 (0) 7737 156614

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