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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a journey of self-discovery and insight: it’s about exploring your roots and having a deeper understanding of who you are, what influences your choices, patterns, experiences and relationships today. Gaining this knowledge re-shapes your perspective in life and promotes positive change.

We all come into each lifetime carrying baggage from past lives, minus the conscious memory of its contents. One´s simply not aware of how these events from the past are still significantly influencing the present reality.

A Past Life Exploration session will offer you the opportunity to have a fascinating journey into your past and discover how you are connected with your loved ones or explore a specific issue/pattern that might be active in your life at the present.

If we look at a tree as a metaphor for yourself:

1. The roots will represent all the lives we have lived,

2. the trunk will be this life

3. and the top of the tree will be 'who you are', your conscious self.

Going into a Past Life is about exploring your roots to help you understand who you are today and why you are having this experience in this life.

A Regression session can be profound, resulting in some truly enlightening and enabling insights about yourself. This experience, integrated with your previous knowledge, might allow for amazing and positive change. 

Some specific benefits of Past Life Exploration are:

1. Discover a new level in the connections you have today

2. Release from fears and phobias

3. Learn the root cause of a habit

4. Discover where you really met your loved ones for the first time.

Since I am a clinical psychologist, PLR is held in a safe therapeutic environment. I am trained to handle and care subtle or powerful memories, emotions or energies.Therefore I can help heal, integrate and understand your true inner self and the compilation of your past lives.. 

How it works

Your past life exploration session lasts 2h.

Before your session, I will send you a questionnaire designed to help you prepare and facilitate our working together. Please bring this with you to the session.

See Fees & Cancellation Policy 

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