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Monthly Newsletter

February 2009

Dear All,

New Year and new beginnings....

January was all about the planning of the year ahead and setting up some goals. In February I am putting them into action, so I am launching my website, monthly newsletter and lectures.

This month I am announcing the launch of my special lecture series, to be held once a month on the last Friday. Each session will offer the opportunity to explore a different topic and to experience a group regression exercise, giving you some food for thought.

This month's lecture: 'the last stretch'

Have you ever struggled through that last step, or through the last days of winter? 

I will be offering a lecture on the 27th of February on Past-lives Regression therapy.

Location: Holland Park.

Time: 7 pm to 9pm.

You are welcome to come and invite a friend who may be interested in this.

RSVP - only limited seating is available.

Please book early as seats will fill up quickly.

Cost: £10 per person.

For the Parents:

Did you know ...

that whatever you say gets imprinted into your child's belief system?

So if he or she misbehaves or is naughty (something that all children do!!!).....

DON'T say:

You're stupid...look at what you've done!


You're mad...

You're mean...

You're bad...

You're ugly...

Do :

Let them know that they have done something they shouldn't and explain why this is.

Lets practice:

"You're such a clever boy/girl, but you are not allowed to play with mummy's things."

"You are such a good girl/boy, but you have done something you shouldn't! Maybe you need some time to think about what you have done (if it is necessary: 1min per year)."

Then you can ask them later:

"Knowing what you know now, what was the appropriate way to act before?"

If they don't know (they could be too little), give them alternative appropriate choices. Always end with a positive note.

Being firm can be a very loving experience!!

For the Adults

Did you know...

that January and February are the 2 months that an adult is more prone to have depressing feelings?

Due to several months of sun deprivation... and because they they are just after Christmas and New Year (very stressful events that might trigger family issues and childhood memories.)

Tips to feel better:

Write down a list of things that make you feel good.


1. call a friend,

2. read,

3. eat chocolate,

4. cook,

5. go to the gym,

6. go dancing,

7. ...

Whenever you start feeling down just start doing things on your list that make you feel better!

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