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Monthly workshops

Monthly workshops offer an opportunity to explore a different topic and to experience a Regression exercise in a small group.

Topics of the workshops relate the cycles of the year with our emotional life. Hence each month of the year creates a particular opportunity for acknowledging and reflecting on a specific theme. You can choose to come whenever the topic resonates with you.

My special workshop group series are held once a month on the last Friday of each month and host a maximum of 6 people.


Workshops terms and conditions

Booking: Workshops need to be booked in advance, as early as you can, to avoid overbooking. Limited seat available.

Cost and Payment: £40 per person.

Payment in cash or cheque on the day, in a envelope with your name and contact. If cash, please bring the correct amount as I won't be having any change.

Ad Hoc Workshops: If you are already a group (max. 6 people) and you are interested on a specific theme, a personalised workshop can be organised. 

If you have any questions or would like to book please free feel to contact me.

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